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Meanwhile, Microsoft had licked its wounds inflicted by Windows 8, found a passionate new CEO in Satya Nadella, and started doing something interesting with Windows I mostly ignored the Windows world until late last year when Microsoft introduced the Windows Linux Subsystem — basically a way to use a Linux terminal natively in Windows — which made me realize that development on Windows might actually be pleasant eventually.

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I wrote back then that even this was enough to tempt me back to Windows, and it was a game changer:. After waiting eagerly for the MacBook Pro refresh, then being utterly disappointed by what Apple actually shipped — a high-end priced laptop with poor performance — I started wondering if I could go back to Windows. Then, in October , Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows: Creators Update out of nowhere. It brings dedicated gaming features, full OS-level VR support, color customization, a people bar for quick chat and a lot more in a free update.

It took me months to convince myself to do it, but I spent weeks poring over forum posts about computer specs and new hardware before realizing how far ahead the PC really is now: So, in February , I found myself building a computer from scratch. I sold my 15" MacBook Pro I now use a 12" MacBook for on-the-go productivity , and invested in building a desktop workhorse that would fit my needs and last for a long time.

... but Microsoft is catching up.

On top of that? Over the coming weeks I plan to write about the great parts of Windows, how I got my development environment set up, the apps I use, and, of course, the bad parts. For the last few months I've been looking for a laptop that can replace my trusty MBP and it's been more difficult than expected. Owen is a freelance writer, marketer and maker based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, helping make technology friendlier with words. Are you tired of tech news being full of clickbait and ads?

OS X vs Windows: 8 reasons to switch to Mac

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How to Run Windows 10 Natively on Mac: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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Mac Vs PC - The Big Fight - Fair Comparison

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Booting Directly Into Windows

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