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If an application does not allow you to specify audio devices, you can make Soundflower the default input or output device inside the Sound panel in the System Preferences , or with the Audio MIDI Setup utility application which is the only slightly tricky part. You may hear interference at first when you setup an audio channel and if so, the developers recommend increasing the buffer size of both applications set within each application.

Note that if more than one application is sending its output to the same channel, the audio will be mixed. The practical usages of Soundflower include conducting interviews with both voices. So instead of recording an interview with Skype and only hearing one voice, Soundflower allows you to record both voices for a more professional production. Alternatively, it's useful for routing audio from applications such as iTunes and Spotify to other applications and devices.

Note that this download is for OS X You can also download the OS X A very light, indispensable tool for opening up a stock Mac's audio capabilities. Now, they sound amazing I just have an AU Lab saved settings icon on my desktop that I click after a reboot and I have fantastic sound. You don't need soundflower to record audio on screen recordings on quicktime. I can just select internal microphone, but didn't see tha t was an option till after I downloaded Soundflower. Now I have it installed but can't uninstall it.

Well, it doesn't work. I read the uninstall instructions and don't understand any of it. Programs like Clean My Mack won't find it so i t cannot be uninstalled this way. Definitely not for 'normal' users.

How to Setup Virtual Audio Cables - Lightstream

Do not recommend for users who are not programmers. I love it! Never had any issues with it, install is simple and easy and I'll never use anything else!

Well, it sounds like a great program and I was sent here by a YouTube video that raved about this product and the problems it solved, h owever, this program would not install on my Mac and so I'll never know. High Sierra OS Corrupt files.

No experiencing problems on my computer that we not there before installing and uninstalling. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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Due to the fact that I use a mac I am unable to find a Virtual Audio Cable that works like the one in the video. Please Help Me.

I ask because the only extra thing VAC does is let you record with all those effects already included on your mic. The more common way of working is to simply record you mic in its raw form then apply all those effects when you Export your multitrack session after doing whatever editing you need to do.

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Being really pedantic here, I'd also hate to have to add all those effects to every voice I record. If you chose your mic carefully to start with and probably hang some soft fittings around where you're recording to deaden the acousting in your room, you shouldn't need most of those anyway. For example, using noise reduction on every recording is a sign something is wrong with your system before it even gets into Audition.

Dante Virtual Soundcard

Due to me being a streamer it is much better for me to have all those effects added whilst i am streaming. I have tried soundflower although once I try streaming with obs no sound goes through I don't know what a 'streamer' is but what Bob said still stands the best method is to add the appropriate fx after recording. I know I would hate to 'stream' for a couple of hours only to find that the myriad of fx I had permanently recorded didn't actually sound any good in the cold light of day but each to their own.

I would suggest that the best way to make a microphone sound better is to get hold of a good quality microphone and preferably one which suits both the subject's voice and the subject matter and use it in a suitably treated room - anything else is just chasing your tale.

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I think what the OP wants to do is use Audition, in effect, as an outboard processor while streaming audio live to the net rather than simply recording it. Please tell me if I have this wrong, Thomase? From what I can see, he's trying to route the input with effects to the web rather than just to a headphone output--at least that's what I think they're doing with Virtual Audio Cable in the video he links to.

Soundflower is suggested as one of the Mac-compatible equivalents to VAC. However, if it's anything like VAC, the set up is a pain and takes a lot of fiddling to get things going where you want Also, I did some Googling and came up with another app called "Sound Siphon" which specifically says it can be used for streaming.